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Instrumentation & Controls Co. Ltd. (ICCL)

Manufacture Locally, Supply Globally

Instrumentation & Controls Co. Ltd (ICCL), a subsidiary of Precision Global, is a pioneering manufacturer of Instrumentation Valves & Fittings in Saudi Arabia. With state-of-the-art facilities and global reach, ICCL is committed to delivering world-class products. Our company holds Aramco Approval and operates under stringent quality systems certified by TUV Nord. Our team is comprised of Black Belt Six Sigma certified professionals, driving efficiency and waste reduction throughout our processes. With a reputation built over 25 years, ICCL is dedicated to providing clients with exceptional products. We have successfully collaborated on major projects across the region and GCC countries. Additionally, we actively contribute to local programs such as IKTVA and Local Content, supporting the growth of Saudi Arabia and the achievement of Vision 2030.As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, ICCL adheres to international standards. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and local development sets us apart in the industry. Join us in shaping the future of instrumentation valves and fittings. Together, we can contribute to the growth of Saudi Arabia and achieve new milestones.

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We aim to be the leading provider of Instrumentation valves and fittings, manufactured in Saudi Arabia for the MENA region.


At ICCL, we deliver a contemporary range of instrumentation products, providing our expertise and technology, and creating value for our customers.


Value Addition

Pioneering innovation for a better tomorrow.

Innovation in instrumentation fittings is driving advancements in various industries, revolutionizing the way we measure, control, and monitor processes. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking solutions, these fittings are designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and reliability. By leveraging innovative materials, designs, and manufacturing techniques, they offer improved performance, durability, and ease of installation. Embracing innovation in instrumentation fittings is key to unlocking new possibilities and achieving optimal performance in a wide range of applications.

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